CloudPost Simplifies Rule Management for Cisco, PAN, & Fortinet Firewalls

The firewall is the backbone of network security. However, IoT has pushed the complexity of creating and managing effective firewall rules and policies beyond human abilities. CloudPost integration with market-leading firewalls makes consistent, accurate, AI-powered IoT rule creation and management fast and easy, even across multivendor and multidevice networks.

Using machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques, CloudPost automatically discovers all network-connected devices, creates conversation maps based on their flows, and creates ‘air-tight’ protection policies personalized for each device. This enables precise microsegmentation across the network. You can directly provision the policy in your firewalls, as well as your network devices with one click. CloudPost will monitor all device flows in real-time, looking for any signs of compromise to IoT and non-IoT devices so you can quickly contain a security breach, and even blacklist hazardous devices or sites.

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